About us

This website aims to provide information on Islam and Muslims to non-specialist audiences in a way that is clear, simple and accessible.

The purpose is not to preach the message of Islam, but to demonstrate the essence of Islam and the practice of Muslim culture as it is. As the debates around Islam have steadily become an important barrier to social cohesion, through this website we hope to enhance understanding in a way that is objective and self-critical.

To make the contents of this site straightforward and jargon free, we have kept Arabic words to a minimum and where necessary for usage have explained them through a glossary. Further to a series of short ‘bite-size’ entries there are a series of detailed articles that cover issues ‘in-depth’. We have also removed standard invocations of blessings upon the Prophets, as it is expected that Muslims who read this site will be familiar with this tradition anyway. And we have deliberately left out complex references and citations, for example of Hadith, which can easily be located nowadays on the net.

Do give us constructive feedback on how to improve this site. This will help us to make it user-led and keep it relevant to your needs. You can also ask questions about Islam. You can contact us here.

Islamic Society of Britain:

The Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) was established in 1990 by prominent British Muslims to support new generations of Muslims growing up in the UK. It was one of the first organisations that sought to evolve a uniquely British image of Islam. In order for this to happen the ISB felt that Muslims would have to think seriously about understanding their faith in a British context.

The Islamic Society of Britain views Islam as a religion of peace and a continuation of age-old teachings from God to humanity. It is not a new religion, but is a way of life which has a strong focus – in spiritual terms – on the worship of one God, and in social terms – on justice between people. Muslims are ordinary human beings, like any other citizens, they want to be treated as equals and wish to live in peace with their neighbours, with whom they share key values and aspirations. Islam is in harmony with modern life and sits well with our notions of equality, human rights and democracy.

The Islamic Society of Britain aims:

    • To promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam.
    • To organise, educate and enhance the development of British Muslim communities.
    • To encourage positive contribution to British society and the promotion of social justice.


You may find that some of the sections on this website spark a curiosity to know more specifics, however, we are unable to answer any specialist questions. We do recommend that you ask a local Imam or Scholar, or get in touch with your local faith network for a referral to an appropriate Muslim institution/Mosque.