“O God, You are the original source of Peace; from You is all Peace, and to You returns all Peace. So, make us live with Peace; and let us enter paradise: the House of Peace. Blessed be You, our Lord, to whom belongs all Majesty and Honour!” (Prophet’s daily prayer)

The word Islam is derived from the Arabic root word for ‘peace’. The notion of Peace in Islam is without bounds and faith in this encourages Muslims to seek the path of peace: “God guides all who seek His good pleasure to ways of peaceā€¦” (Quran, 5:16).

To emphasise the importance of living in peace, when Muslims greet one another they say assalamu alaikum which means ‘peace be upon you’ to those that they know and do not know and this is a constant reminder of Islam’s teachings – that we must live in harmony by spreading love and compassion.

The concept of peace in Islam is not just limited to Muslims but is a right for all humanity. According to this faith the best way of obtaining peace is to be at peace with yourself, which is attained by leading a reflective and spiritual life. It is also important to be at peace with those around you – being good to your neighbour, treating people with respect, maintaining ties of kinship and looking after the needy and oppressed. These are only some of the responsibilities and duties that are an integral part of Islam, the path of peace.