Islam can be said to exhibit itself in two primary forms: the outward manifestation, pertaining to rituals or a legal framework, and the inward reality, which shapes and impacts the way people feel. These ‘wings of faith’ present a series of progressive, nurturing, challenges that embrace the hearts and minds of Muslims from all walks of life.

Extending from domestic and familial responsibilities right through to communal and global concerns, Muslims are taught to reflect on how they can best serve their families, community and the world around them. Whilst levels of religious observance varies amongst every faith community, the credence that these responsibilities have in ones life can be said to ultimately stem from the internal blossoming of one’s faith.

As a Muslim grapples with the challenges of maintaining a morally and spiritually upright life we can begin to see how a grounding in Islam correlates with a greater sense of personal, communal and even global responsibility.

“Let there be a community among you who call to good, promote the right, and prevent the wrong. They are the ones who have success” (Quran, 3:104).