When the word ‘worship’ is mentioned, thoughts usually turn to religious buildings, bowing heads and hands together in prayer.

Most people would have heard of the ‘five pillars of Islam’ – profession of faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage. But though this ritual aspect of daily worship is of great importance in Islam, worship is seen as much more than this.  The Quran mentions that God created man purely for the purpose of worship (51:56) and Muslims believe this devotion can manifest itself throughout their daily life; any good act done in the spirit of worship is seen as an act of worship, even something as simple as smiling to someone when you pass them in the street or picking litter up from the ground, are understood as charitable acts of worship.

Prophet Muhammad said, “Helping a person onto his mount is an act of charity.  A good word is charity.  Every step taken on the way to performing prayers is charity.  Removing an obstacle from the road is charity.” (Muhammad).

Muslims describe Islam as a way of life more than a religion. By seeking the pleasure of God through their conduct and actions towards others, it is clear how a normal day can become a day full of worship.